PES - Propeller

PES - Propeller
Shaft Earthing System Ensures long life

PES protects the exposed propeller and the shaft bearings against spark erosion damages. It serves as a short circuit between the rotating propeller shaft and the ship's hull. High efficiency silver tracked slip rings and proven contact brushes ensure a short circuit between the rotating propeller shaft and the ship"s hull.


Several tests in the past indicate that only this material combination ensures a repeatable low conductivity in balance with longer life time. Constant contamination of silver surface increases the risk of spark erosion due to bad contact. Usually the system must be checked every week for cleanliness. Due to low staff and high work load onboard the Slip ring Cleaning Device continuously prevents increase of the residual potential and keeps PES in safe condition over long time.

The effectiveness of PES must continuously be controlled to keep the propeller protected. The remote indicator displays permanently by a two-coloured display about the present condition of the system.

Main Features

  • High efficiency silver tracked basic system
  • Remote indicator for permanent supervision
  • Patented continuous slip ring cleaning device
  • Continuous protection of propeller and bearings at moderate costs
PES - Propeller Design

Window Washing System

WWS - Window Washing System
Clean Windows

The system supplies wheelhouse with pressurised tempered water including cleaning detergent and rinsing fluid. The system is specially designed to suit the number of spraying nozzles, which is dependent on the size and design of the wheelhouses and yards, or owners request.


After use the water is removed from the pipe system by adding pressurised air.

The system is equipped with a PLC for fully automatic operation of the system controlled from the wheelhouse e.g. start or stop working on the chosen section.

Anti-freezing liquid is optionally supplied.

Main Features

  • PLC controlled
  • Flexible design for different types of ships
  • Remote-controlled from wheelhouse
  • Compact design, all on one skid
  • Easy installation

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